ART-Art is personal to each individual . Lizzie draws her works from textile inspiration and color pallets.

DESIGN- Lizzie looks at the individual or family. She works off of what they need and or want in their home. What type of lifestyle do they lead and what will work for the individual and family.

Lizzie can design many different spaces. She has done contemporary, traditional, “Modern ranch,” transitional, mid century modern. Sometimes she takes a little bit of everything as long as it works with the space.  Lizzie has designed several spaces of contemporary, mid century, transitional, traditional.

She began her career in 2010 doing works for local designers on a commission basis. As word of mouth spread, Lizzie found herself creating commissions for people who wanted to have original contemporary works designed exclusively for them. She draws her inspiration from textile patterns and fabric colors, and she prefers acrylic and resin to translate her vision.


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